Concerto for Marimba
with Percussion Orchestra

Score available by rental. Contact Mostly Marimba here
Recording: “Transmutations and Metamorphoses”
Artists: Doug Walter, marimba solo, with the University of Michigan Percussion Ensemble, Michael Udow, conductor


11 players
26 minutes
3 movements
difficult marimba part; other parts of varying degrees of difficulty
I marimba solo
II small bell, triangle, crash cymbal, sizzle cymbal
III 2 cowbells, fight gong, brake drum, 2 temple blocks
IV finger cymbals, tambourine, claves, maracas
V snare drum
VI tam-tam, bass drum
VII, VIII vibraphones
IX, X tom-toms--ten in all; must be easily tuneable (like rototoms)
XI 4 timpani