Baroque Suite
marimba solo

Canon at the Bar
rudimental snare drum duo

Concerto for Marimba with Percussion Orchestra

Duet for Marimba and Vibraphone

Duo for Violin and Marimba

Eight Two-Part Inventions
unpitched percussion duos

Marimba Four Hands
cycle of five movements for two players on one marimba
In the Night Kitchen
Soakin’ Wet
Snoozin’ Down
Short’nin’ Bread
Goodnight Moon

Marimba Quartet

Marimba Suite #2
marimba solo in four movements
(second movement also known as Opening Day)

mallet trio--one marimba, two players; and one vibraphone, one player.
(arrangement of second movement of Concerto for Marimba with Percussion Orchestra)

The Redwood Box
marimba and vibraphone duo with optional percussion and cello accompaniment

unpitched percussion

unpitched percussion

Variations on a Ghanaian Theme
unpitched percussion trio

Variations for Vibraphone and Piano

In manuscript:
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Autoclave: unpitched percussion quartet

Concertino in E Flat for Marimba and Strings

Concerto for Marimba with Percussion Orchestra

Conservatory Garden: unpitched percussion quartet
To learn about the recording, click here

Dialects: unpitched percussion quartet

From Porgy and Bess: marimba quartet

Movement for String Quartet

Palisades: large wind ensemble

Perfectly Frank: conga solo and percussion quartet
Recording: “Lupe 2” --Lawrence University Percussion Ensemble

Quartet for Twenty Temple Blocks

Tabla Duets

Tabla Trio

Trio for Vibraphone, Marimba, and Temple Blocks

Yule Flip: Christmas quodlibet for marimba quartet